Wooden Staircase Railing

Wooden Staircase Railing Wood Stair Handrail Pic 75

Wooden staircase railing. Wood of any type gives a home an elegance that is unequaled in any other material. In addition elegance the long lasting qualities of wood, and you have a superb combination. To illustrate, there are actually wood railings in English castles built in the sixteenth century that still retain the mellow beauty of wood. You see a 500 year old metal railing still standing!

A properly crafted spiral staircase is simply not a do-it-yourself project. The intricate curves of a winding stairs are difficult to achieve by an amateur, especially the process involved in producing the winding cap of the wood rail. The pieces are heavy to lift, and cumbersome to put in place properly. To experience a lovely spiral staircase, rather then an amatuerish looking job, you need to use the services of a master craftsman. Someone who loves wood railings will enjoy the care and nourishing of this stunning wood, since mohagany and teak, when kept oiled properly, is a stunning sight to behold. This post related wooden staircase railing, wooden staircase ark, wooden staircase ideas, wooden staircase spindles.

Wooden Staircase Railing Wood Stair Handrail Pic 75

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