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Wood Handrail Profiles. We have a wide variety of wood handrails stair parts from which to choose. It all is dependent upon your preference of hand railing style. A popular style, and my personal favorite, is composed of all wood with fillet material set between the stair spindles, which might be also known as balusters. Since the spindles fit into the recessed area between the top and bottom handrails, there is still a area left.

There are several diverse types and sizes of wood handrails. The ones, which I’ve built the most of, are classified as the small handrail, which has a 1 1/4-inch baluster, and the larger handrail having a 1 3/4-inch baluster. Both of these give the handrail a polished look. Be sure that you finally choose the matching top and bottom rail size when purchasing your hand railing parts.

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Balusters, or spindles, also come in lots of styles. Turned balusters are shaped with a lathe into different styles and profiles. The underside of the baluster is still square so it fits neatly into your rail. Square balusters are square shaped from top to bottom. After you order balusters, be sure to order them in pairs avoiding mixing styles by mistake and double check the size to ensure they’ll fit into the rails. Wood handrail profiles, wood handrail brackets, wood handrail design, wood handrail cap, fittings, design ideas, parts, connectors.

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