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Under Stairs Cupboard Storage Ideas – A lot of us live in houses that have an open up area underneath the stairs. This particular often gets used for footwear or bags or maybe, when there is enough height, for dangling coats. The problem with this is it can rapidly become the throwing ground, particularly for shoes which are taken off when people enter the home and, unless someone maintains an eye on it, it can quickly begin to look messy.

Cabinets and cupboards for tiny homes have been designed with any thought to creating usable space from areas that have been usually underused like staircase alcoves and rooms with taller ceilings. By filling the actual above eye-level with cases and shelves, or acquiring built-in cupboards installed within stairs or as eye-port seats, large amounts of cupboard space can be created from what will otherwise have been wasted living space.

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An easy solution to this problem that still allows you to use this valuable and handy storage space whilst improving the style of your hall way as well as stairs is under step doors. These are angled doorways that can be fitted into the area underneath the stairs to efficiently box it in. You may also use panels instead of doorways but this means you can’t very easily access the space. This post related under stairs cupboard storage solutions, under stairs cupboard storage ideas, under stairs cupboard storage shelves.

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