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Tiling stairs edge. The stair nosings that are fastened to the step edge of ceramic tile, marble or wood covered stairs in contemporary buildings and particularly in public ones such as malls, schools, governmental institutions are subject to heavy pedestrian traffic.

Installed on the edge of the ceramic or similar stair steps the aluminium stair nosing trim is designed to provide protection to the stone, marble or ceramic tile edge for the stairs by preventing chipping and fractures. The use of the stairs is safeguarded as stair steps may become hazardous specially when wet or worn out. A substantial amount of accidents occur going down on stairs when the proper attention is not paid. Many of these accidents may result in serious injuries. Presently several models of aluminium stair nosings are suggested for the protection and secure use of the concrete, ceramic tile, marble, stone or wood covered stairs:

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Stair nosings which are installed directly in the concrete stair step edge. Tile-in stair nosings without or with replaceable pvc insert, meant to accommodate ceramic tiles in various thicknesses. These stair nosings might be fitted during the tile, marble or stone installation process; as the bottom with the frontal edge of the nosing should get under the ceramic tile to ensure a firm grip. Tile stair risers photos, tiling stairs edge, tiles on stairs wall, tile stair risers installation.

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