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Tile Stair Risers Installation. Installing tile flooring on stairs is not much different than installing tiles on a level subfloor. So long as the stairs is strong enough to support the of the tiles, you should be capable of install them without a hitch (you may need a professional to help make this determination). Stairs made out of concrete are best for tile installation because they are usually strong enough to guide the weight of a variety of tile types.

Wooden staircases aren’t going to be a good fit for tile installation. Wood has a tendency to shift over time, especially under vibrations. This could loosen and dislodge the tiles and may even bring on cracking. If you have a wooden staircase, consider laying down a cement backer unit (CBU) or a mortar bed on the roof. This can help provide an unyielding base on which you can set the tiles.

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Before getting started, be certain that each step is flat and level. Any dip or groove will make your stair tile installation that much more difficult. Installers recommend using a carpenter or laser level for tile floor work. Be certain that the level is accurate frist by testing it out on a surface that you know is flat, including your floor or countertop. tiles on stairs wall, tile stair risers installation, tiling stairs edge, how to tile stair risers.

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