Staircase Designs for Small Homes

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Staircase Designs for Small Homes. An array of well known staircase type is often a straight style. These are usually in a single set or are set at an L shape, with one flight leading from next. Most homes can have stairs like this as standard as they are very easy to install.

Spiral staircases are great if you are short on space. They are suitable for putting in the corner of the room as they rise straight up. Also a spiral staircase will undoubtedly need a small amount of floor space all of which will not cut across the room. With this in mind many people will pick a spiral shaped staircase for access to an attic room.

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Freestanding stairs will not be attached to a wall and will tend to try the middle of a room. Most often the exact stairs will look as though they are really almost floating and create quite a unique look. Whilst these stairs look great they are not very practical for a person with kids as they can be dangerous. Single open-under stairs are similar to freestanding stairs, but they are attached to one wall. This means they have one side that looks ‘open’ and many people prefer this style. Not only do these sorts of stairs look good they also create the impression of extra space, so they can work well in small houses. This post related staircase designs for small homes, staircase design for small house, staircase design for small spaces, spiral staircase design for small spaces.

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