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Stair tread covers. Lots of people overlook the importance of these little carpets right until an unwanted incident happens which puts them in the hospital bed. Slippery floors are especially dangerous when it comes to elderly living in the home. So how do we know which floor types can be slippery? Well if you have hard wood of any kind or stairs outdoors that can get wet from rain or ice during wintertime, it means you should install these to protect your family from accidental slips and falls.

So as to correctly gauge how many such stair treads you need to install, you have to count the number of steps. Then you need to actually calculate them so the size of rugs you buy is enough. The best way to protect the steps is to have treads covering the entire surface, at least as much as possible. If the pieces are too small , there will still remain slippery areas that could be dangerous to an accidental tumble down the stairs.

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When you know for sure how many treads it is advisable to buy and how big they should be, you need to consider the sort of the material you will install. Carpet treads are great for indoors, except for outdoors they are not suitable. Rubber would be a much better option to the house exterior. For indoors you can also buy braided materials as they look very cute on the stairs. Stair tread covers wood, stair tread covers vinyl lowes, stair tread covers oak, carpet, and laminate.

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