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Salter spiral stair. So that you are considering a spiral stair for your project. Great, to begin with you start, there are a number of anyone need to consider to make sure a spiral staircase is right in your case. One of the first things you need to consider is whether or not you need to your spiral staircase to meet local building code. Here at Salter Spiral Stair, have stairs that meet all national building codes, but we always recommend checking with the local building inspector to check if there are any additions that a specific city or township has added regarding spirals.

After code requirements are settled you then need to think of this for this stair and which options as well as materials you seek. What diameter (minimum diameter is 5′ for code compliancy), options like wooden upgrades or powder coating, going through a floor or off a loft, enclosure railing for the top of the stair, along with the list goes on. Additionally you ought to consider a different set of ways for exterior projects. I recommend considering powder coated aluminum for durability and beauty, but another great option is galvanized steel. Then you need to consider nonslip diamond plate treads or perhaps the same material as the deck so it matches.

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Lets hope this article has helped you comprehend that a spiral staircase provides extensive of different possibilities and while it could possibly seem daunting to average person, we, at Salter Spiral Stair, are there to help you every step of the way with all these important questions and more. Finally, the layout on your spiral in terms of the entry and exit point is another major question, but we will present a specific layout created for your project and we will customize everything else you need to make your specific project perfect for you. Salter spiral stairs reviews, salter spiral stair installation.

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