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Safety gates for stairs. Expecting gate at the top of the stairs at home is critically important. Thousands of unfortunate accidents happen every year because of a baby or toddler falling down the stairs. And the simple truth is, a simple safety gate is completely it takes to prevent such a tragedy. Here’s a quick overview of what you need to be aware of in getting a gate set up.

The most important thing to keep in mind is always to buy the right type of gate for your particular needs. The reason is, when it comes to steps, you need to be sure and get one that is permanently mounted to the wall. Pressure mounted gates won’t last in the way a hardware mounted gate will.

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Another tip in choosing safety gates for stairs is to be sure and avoid the retractable mesh types. These are great for doors and halls, but they may give way around the stairs. My suggestion is to stick with one made of wood or metal. Use these tips in making strength combined with comfort in a gate for your home. A properly installed gate provides you with much needed peace of mind in knowing you’ve eliminated the chances of your youngster having an accident around the stairs. Safety gates for stairs for elderly, safety gates for stairs with banisters, safety gates for stairs with no walls.

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