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Open staircase railing. A flight of stairs comprises different parts. The tread are what people usually step on and this also requires a certain thickness. The riser is the vertical part between each tread while nosing is the edge area of the treat that protrudes over the riser. A major component is the balustrade system consisting of the balusters, handrail plus the railing. The stair railing is the one that prevents people from falling over the edge of the structure. The part where railing is attached is referred to as the newel or a large baluster.

Railings need to be sturdy and firm to ensure the safety of those who use the staircase. Depending on the choice of material, they should be built in a way that won’t allow any adult or child to get through it. A very common type of stair railing uses vertical posts or balusters made of wood. Two of these posts, also referred to as spindles or guards, are normally required for each tread.

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But with the entry of various materials, different designs can be used for the railing posts notably for the open styles. Homeowners with small children seeking to provide a safe environment because of their kids can choose a close sort of railing for their stairway. this post related open staircase railing, open staircase railing ideas.

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