Oak Stair Treads with Return

Oak Stair Treads With Return Home Design Picture 99

Oak stair treads with return – I enjoy the look of wood, especially hardwoods like cherry (especially Brazilian cherry), hickory, black walnut and Brazilian walnut, black walnut, birch, cypress, maple, bloodwood, cumaru and mahogany. Unfortunately, although not surprisingly, hardwoods are expensive. One approach is always to build with more economical construction grade materials and then cover them with beautiful hardwoods. Here is the typical approach with wooden stair treads.

Staircases are designed with construction grade materials which are strong and durable although not very pretty, and then the steps are covered with beautiful wood. As the treads are generally only 1 inch thick, you minimize the use of expensive materials, get the same beautiful look, yet do not compromise on strength or durability. Wooded stair treads are available in almost every type of wood imaginable, including all the above. Red oak is one of my favorites as it’s relatively economical yet is a beautiful wood. It’s available finished or unfinished, which can be stained and finished to match just about any decor.

Oak Stair Treads With Return Home Design Picture 99

They are available in many thicknesses and sizes, including the standard one inch, one and a half inches, and two inches, and also custom sizes for a extra money. And there are multiple shapes available for where stairs change direction and curved ones can be cut for custom curved stairs. Oak stair treads with return, white oak stair treads with returns, oak false stair tread with returns and riser, stair treads with returns.

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