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Modern stair rails. Stair railings come in very handy and they can be used both outdoors and indoors. Outdoors the railings can be used as a safety barrier between the stairs and also the floor. It is easy to fall when going up and down stairs so by offering outdoors railings you are protecting both yourself and any visitor which usually comes to your home.

Indoors stair railings also add a safety function but they can also look really decorative as well. The only real distinction about indoor and outdoor railings is that with indoor ones you can use whatever material you like for them. When they are outside they are uncovered to all weathers and that can wear them down or damage them if you have the wrong type of material. Usually the best option of material for outdoor railings is iron and indoors wooden ones are the most widely used.

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For modern homes, simple, traditional design would be most suitable. The color scheme should match that of the rest of the house, specifically railing is for the central staircase that can be seen through the entrance to the house or from other rooms. Traditional railing also looks best for the exterior staircases, particularly spiral staircases. Modern stair rails images, modern stair rails banisters, contemporary stair rails interior, modern stair railing kits ,modern stair railings interior.

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