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Laminate stair treads. After the risers are covered in laminate, it’s time to begin the stair treads. This time around, measure and mark each plank so that the groove is facing inwards to meet the laminate riser. (Having the groove of the laminate riser meet the groove of the laminate treads provides a corner using a nice, clean edge and it also looks professional. ) Glue the back of each plank and fit it to the stair tread, making sure that groove is facing the right way. Use a brad-nailer to secure each plank while drying.

You’re almost there–all that’s left are classified as the stair nosings. The nosings fit over the lip (or nose) of the tread. Nosings come with pre-drilled holes to secure the screws into position. All you need to do is measure each one, cut it to adjust to and screw-nail it into place. There you go! Benefit from the satisfaction of a job done well.

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Note: the method described above for installing stair nosings assumes that you’re using metal nosings, which are stronger plus more durable. You can use laminate nosings–these are not a standard size and rely on a track-type installation which is a little trickier because the track needs to be laid in exactly the right space to get a flush fit. Laminate stair treads and risers, laminate stair treads lowes, laminate stair treads for sale.

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