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Interior stair stringers. For those who have a stairway that’s 48″ wide and you divide your 16 inch on center measurement into 48 in, you will find that you need to use for stair stringers. Should you be stairway is between 30 and 36 inches you will want three stair stringers.

What number of stair stringers you actually need will also be determined by the thickness of your stair treads. Should you be going to use a 4×12 stair tread, you will find a good chance that you would only need one stair stringer at each end of the stairs, if you’re stairway is less than 40inches wide.

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If you’re planning to use 2 x 12 stair treads, you could space your stringers 24″ on center. The thickness of the stair tread will affect the amount of stair stringers you actually require, but you can’t go wrong with the original 16″ on center measurement, unless you’re going to be utilizing stair treads that are less than 1 inch thick.

Always check which has a building expert first, before developing your stairway to verify the amount of stair stringers you will really need. This article is only meant to give someone a broad idea but cannot be employed in every situation effectively. This post related interior stair stringers, interior stair stringers home depot, interior stair stringer calculator, interior stair stringer spacing, interior stair stringer material.

Interior Stair Stringers Design Image 54

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