Foldable Slide for Stairs

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Foldable slide for stairs. Foldable mats transform any stairs into an indoor play ground slide. It has built in hand rails and can effortlessly break down for storage when it isn’t used (which should be never). This really is great for children of all ages!

The SlideRider is a foldable slide that you can place over your stairs. Don’t waste time walking down the stairs like a weirdo. Take the slide. It’s quicker and more fun! you do have kids, there’s no need to be worried about safety. The slide includes builT-in hand rails so that your kids won’t slide from the mat. This slide is made from a lightweight foam that will support the weight of a child. But you may be wondering what about us adults?! We like fun too. I question whether it could support the weight of the full grown adult. I guess we’ll find out when it’s finally available for purchase.

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