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Attic access is made easier by installing a set of attic pulldown stairs. The stairs are generally made of wood and fold so they can be stored in the attic access opening. The steps are often installed by non- professionals and have safety problems. It is imperative that the attic pull down stairs during installation correctly to avoid injury.

Defects and problems are often affecting attic pulldown stair installation. One of the common installation defects is that structural members like trusses or floor joists are cut as a way to accommodate the stairs. The structural members of the attic flooring should not be removed, notched or cut without proper reinforcements installed. Most attic stairs are able to fit in between floor joists however when the floor joists ought to be cut, professional evaluation really should be made to reinforce the floor structure.

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Attic ladders are often cut too short so the bottom with the set of stairs is hanging down not touching the bottom. This condition is unsafe and may also lead to serious injury. The underside of the steps should land solidly on the floor in order to avoid putting excess stress at the attachments at the top of the stairs. If the stairs are too long the hinges will bend downward make too much pressure on the stair hinges. Attic stairs really should be cut so that the hinges will not bend and the bottom with the set of steps lay flush on the floor. If the hinges bend downward they can break because you travel up the steps and cause injury. Attic steps should be secured using the required number of screws. Often too few fasteners are used to secure the attic pulldown stairs in the attic access. Check with the manufactures on the stairs and install the specified number of screws in the proper locations in order to solidly secure the steps to the hatch frame.

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