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Stair riser height. Within the grander scheme of modern technology, the revitalization of staircases in household and commercial applications has once again been reborn with new passions and materials allowing for the retro-fitting of existing staircases with new hardwood treads and risers, transforming once ordinary staircases into stunning focal points within the home or place of business adding new life, meaning and worth all at very affordable prices.

While building a new staircase of hardwood materials is far beyond normal income levels, costing up to four times more than a traditional carpeted stairs, the removal and replacing stair risers and treads can easily transform any ordinary staircase into a grand staircase in less than a week. Based on mechanical ability and the comfort level with tools, precision, accuracy and patience are strong characteristics in the conversion of a carpeted staircase into a hardwood staircase. Existing staircases that are complex in design with numerous turns and landings should be converted by only skilled and highly-crafted individuals. The added costs associated with employing a professional is well worth the investment producing incredible results.

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Hardwood staircase risers and treads cannot be bought prefinished and must be finished on site, preferably before installation. Purchase hardwood staircase from trustworthy suppliers that are knowledgeable with hardwood staircase applications and may be of great assistance when making suggestions which have been overlooked. When purchasing hardwood material for retrofitting existing staircases, avoid purchasing six-foot (6′) lengths of hardwood board material since most staircase treads are only 4′ in length. The extra two feet is waste that can not be used, often discarded, leading to wasted funds as well. Stair riser height residential, stair riser height calculator, range, osha, minimum, requirements, stair riser height difference, stair riser height commercial variation.

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