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Spiral Staircase Measurements – Adding a stylish and unique spiral staircase to your living area can instantly brighten up the whole house. Many homeowners look for unique ways to enhance the appearance of the home by installing beautiful staircases. The installation of some spiral stairs also adds value to your property and turns into a focal point for your visitors. Listed below are the 4 useful ideas to consider before you install beautiful staircases to your homes:

Budget & Material: The complexity of the spiral stairs could make its installation price expensive. If the design is more complex, then the builder will have to take more time on it which makes it costly. It is best to look at your costs before beginning your work to avoid the future expenses. You can use wood and metal for your spiral staircase, because are the most common materials utilized for this purpose. Oak, cherry, mahogany and walnut might be best wood options. Color coatings and galvanized metals would be the choices for metal staircases. You may also combine the two or even combine them with glass and wrought iron to give a unique turn to your spiral staircases.

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Location: You need to find a specified location for your staircases. If you locate your spiral staircase near a corner, then you can have enough space at the bottom and at the top. Moreover, it also helps to cut down on the needed support as well. You have to open a hole within your ceiling at the same specified location, as the installation requires accurate measurements for cutting. The holes should be properly closed to prevent from accidents which could lead to some serious injuries. Spiral staircase measurements, spiral staircase dimensions pdf, spiral staircase dimensions calculator, spiral staircase sizes, spiral staircase dimensions building regulations.

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