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Pull Down Attic Stairs – Attic access is made easier simply by installing a set of attic pull down stairs. The stairs are usually made of wood in addition to fold so they can be held in the attic access opening up. The stairs are often fitted by non professionals and get safety problems. It is critical that the attic pull down stairs are installed correctly avoiding injury.

Defects and headaches are often observed in attic pull down stair installation. On the list of common installation defects is structural members like trusses or floor joists are generally cut in order to accommodate typically the stairs. The structural associates of the attic flooring ought not to be removed, notched or trim without proper reinforcements installed. Almost all attic stairs are designed to squeeze in between floor joists when the floor joists need to be trim, professional evaluation should be created to reinforce the floor structure.
Attic steps should be secured together with the required number of screws. Usually too few fasteners are used to protected the attic pull down stairs in the attic entry. Check with the manufactures in the stairs and install the mandatory number of screws in the appropriate locations in order to solidly protected the steps to the hatch body.

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Attic pull-down stairs are surely convenient and they do present ready access to an area which could not otherwise be workable space. But they should be put in in accordance with the manufacturers installation demands and should be maintained in the good mechanical condition. Inability to ensure these key points is very very important because failure to take action could cause severe injury to your own personal or your loved ones. Convenient, sure… but they are also potentially risky, should be considered as such, and should always be periodically evaluated for issue and function. This post related with attic pulldown stairs, pull down attic ladder, pull down attic stairs installation, pull down attic stairs sizes, pull down attic stairs replacement parts.

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