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Hardwood stair treads. A lot of people love the look of wood especially on their staircases. However the price of hardwood has become very costly, so not a lot of people have enough money to have a wood style stairway in their house. If you are one of those that are dreaming of having a wooden staircase, you can have a more economical alternative by installing wooden stair treads instead. This is produced by building the stairs with cheaper construction material like concrete and then using hardwood to pay for the steps of the stairway. There are a great number of hardwoods you can purchase and install which are valued for their beauty and function. These include bloodwood, maple, birch, black walnut, cypress, cumaru, Brazilian walnut, Brazilian cherry, hickory, and mahogany.

Hardwood stair treads can be finished or stained to match the theme of the house. You can now have the atmosphere a real wood staircase gives, and you can get it in a much cheaper price. There are a lot of size and shapes available on the market. If you have curving stairs, you can have a custom-made curved stair tread. If you already have existing stairs at house, you can still get your wooden stairs by installing stair treads. This post related hardwood stair treads lowes retrofit installation, hardwood stair treads and risers.

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