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Decorative Stair Risers – Some homeowners may not realize that a staircase is just another section of their home that can be decorated to help make the home appear stylish. Staircases are often overlooked when it comes to decorating, but depending on the layout of the house, the staircase may be more valuable than you think, especially if it does not take first thing people see once they walk in.

Finished interior stairs are perhaps the most difficult challenge that a wood worker will face and are often the exclusive domain of the “stair specialist”. This is especially true using the more complicated systems such as circular stairs. However , when it comes to straight runs, adjustable bracket systems greatly simplify the process. Using adjustable bracket systems allow a person with only basic skills to build a well finished interior stair with a high degree of accuracy and beauty.

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Adjustable brackets are designed to be easy to use, fast, accurate and most importantly, strong. In fact , the brackets do most of the work. They automatically adjust to the exact rise and run and are approved as “adjustable joist hangers”. This allows the risers to act like floor joists, carrying the burden across the stair between the stringers which means only two stringers are required for stairs as much as nine feet in width. the risers and treads are actually square cut to the exact length using a chop saw. It is recommended that a stop is utilized for accuracy and efficiency. The treads are usually cut slightly shorter than the risers (1/64″) for fit. For fast assembly it’s best to first pre- assemble the stair and then lift into place whenever conditions permit. This post related decorative stair risers ideas, decorative stair risers uk, decorative stair riser panels,decorative stair riser tiles, decorative stair riser covers, decorative stair stringers, decorative metal stair risers, diy decorative stair risers, decorative stair treads and risers.

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