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Carpet stair treads are those small little rugs that fit on each individual step of your respective stairs. They protect your hardwood from the traffic of your respective family, pets, and friends going up and down them. They also can prevent your friends from slipping and falling on bare wood steps. Here are some tips to help you in your purchasing decision and to help you considercarefully what you might need in your home.

Choose a material that is attractive and matches the decor of your home. Stair treads carpets will be completely visible to the eye simply because it travels up the stair case, so you want to be sure they don’t clash with your paint or wallpaper. Carpet durability. When choosing carpets, the first thing you should thing it is best to thing about if you stairs are a high traffic area is durability. The first thing to bear in mind when purchasing for durability is the kind of fiber the carpets are made of. Durability is measured from one to five in carpets, with five being the most durable.

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Typically, most homes will be perfectly suited to a 2.5, but if your steps receive increased traffic than usual, you might want to consider a 3 of even 4 for the durability scale. Safe Backing, Be sure in order to verify that this carpet stair treads you buy somehow hold to the step safely. If there is absolutely nothing within the back that will certainly securely stay the carpet to the stage, after that consider adding dual on the sides tape in wide trips to the back in order to prevent the actual rug through sliding from the step as well as causing a good unnecessary hazard in your home.

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