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California closets under stairs. In case you have stairs in your home, you probably have some empty space under the stairs that need to be filled. If you are not sure what to do with this space, you will be surprised at the answers below. This space has much potential and it can completely turn your room around by just decorating under the stairs. Most older homes would box it in to make a coat or storage closet however, you can make it so much more today.

Have someone build your bench you might as well make it yourself. You can place a cushion in the color that best coordinates with all the rest of the room. You can make the bench seat also clear for storage so you can store extra pillows, blankets, plus more. On the walls, you could include a simple yet old fashioned looking wall lamp that can be moved around from side to side so you can adjust the lighting while you read a book. You want this light to be bright although not so over-powering. Keep the walls simple. The less space you clutter up the better out of your decor will be when you are decorating tiny spaces like these. Place a basket on the floor ahead of the bench seat for books or magazines. You will also would like to place a small area rug ahead of the bench. Cotton rugs could be best or round braided rugs. These rugs will complete this look and place the place to escape separated from your rest of the home.

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Who couldn’t use more cabinet space? Usually stairs are nearby the front door and when everyone walks in they usually throw down their books or other items thinking that they will purchase them when the come back down. This could become a problem if you have 2 or 3 people in the house. You need the extra space so that everyone can put away before they go upstairs. You can design the storage space to fit anyway you like it. There are open shelves, closed shelves, and drawers that can open to offer you as much space as you need. California closets under stairs, under stairs storage ideas pictures, under stair cupboard storage ideas, under stairs storage solutions.

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