Claire Schrantz

Independent School District 196 Boasts High Capture Rate

Claire Schrantz
 Independent School District 196 Boasts High Capture Rate

Whether you’re a parent hoping to invest in your child’s education, or simply a prospective homeowner hoping to invest in real estate, you already know that it’s a good idea to buy a home in a “good” school district. 

But what makes a school district good? Well, people typically consider the following:

  • Student-to-teacher ratio
  • Extracurricular & leadership opportunities
  • Teaching styles & creative outlets
  • Campus safety
  • Commute & accessibility

Capture rate

Another good metric to evaluate is your school district’s ‘capture rate,’ which refers to the percentage of school-aged residents that attend educational institutions within their home district. 

If you’re interested in capture rate and looking for a home in the Twin Cities metro area, you’re on the right track. Independent School District 196 – that’s Rosemount, Apple Valley and Eagan public schools – reported an 87% capture rate in its spring 2017 newsletter.

Of the 29,470 ISD 196 students kindergarten through twelfth grade, 25,675 are attending their home district schools this year. 7.4% are homeschooled, or attend traditional non-public schools. This number is consistent with last year’s data.

The remaining 5.4% of school-aged children attend charter schools, or public schools in other districts.

Invest in your new home – and good public education

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