Claire Schrantz

7 Adolescent Reading Room Essentials

Claire Schrantz
7 Adolescent Reading Room Essentials

Each year, we celebrate National Young Readers Day on the second Tuesday of November. This obscure holiday reminds us of all the great benefits the youth has to reap from reading - benefits such as more brain cells, increased empathy, improved hand-eye coordination and more

Reading transports us to other worlds, but it doesn't hurt to have a picturesque place to do it. Here are 7 essentials for an ideal youth reading room.

A daybed



Your reading nook will be in your home for years to come, so versatility is key. A daybed can function as a couch for multiple people, or a napping spot for young readers to doze on. 

Pro tip: Reading is more fun with a friend! Consider a daybed with a trundle for slumber parties. 


Comfy pillows and blankets

Whether it's a handmade quilt or a store-bought throw, soft and fluffy fabrics are a must for leisure reading - especially as we transition into the longer, colder Twin Cities nights.


Natural light

Not only does natural light help reduce your energy bill, it also nurtures adolescents with vitamin D during open-window weather.


Soothing colors


Create a calming environment with blues, greens and neutral colors.


Shelves full of books

Abundance is fantastic, but variety is even better! Challenge young literary minds with something outside of their comfort zone. Maybe your fantasy lover will grow an appreciation for nonfiction, or vice versa. 


A writing station

Voracious readers are natural storytellers. Be sure there's pen and paper available when inspiration strikes.



Because sometimes literary adventures go hand in hand with remarkable appetites.