Claire Schrantz

5 Autumn Landscaping Tips For Minnesota Homeowners

Claire Schrantz
5 Autumn Landscaping Tips For Minnesota Homeowners

Warm weather is on its way out - but great landscaping for next spring might be on its way in. Here are 5 ways to prep your lawn for 2017's sunnier months.

  1. Fertilize

    As the Minneapolis-St. Paul area's very own Jeff Turnbull of LCL Lawn Service told Popular Mechanics, "Grass is still growing in the fall. The roots are down and they need fertilizer. This is the most important application of the year."
  2. Mulch your fall leaves

    Were you expecting to see raking on this list? Contrary to popular belief, this isn't necessary, according to the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities. Instead, mulch the leaves with a mower. The "nutrients and organic matter will benefit the lawn and soil." Just be sure the leaves are evenly spread and don't cover more than 10-20% of your lawn. 
  3. Aerate every two years or so

    This prevents soil from being clogged with roots, stems and other debris that prevents water, air and necessary nutrients from penetrating the thatch. Do this right before fertilizing, so that the soil conditioner can dive to the roots of the grass. 
  4. Apply herbicide

    Take it from PennState: biennial and perennial weed control is best in fall. But move quickly! Your window is coming to a close; it's best to apply herbicide with a minimum 50-degree daytime temperature. 
  5. Clean your gutters

    Getting up on a ladder to hang holiday lights anytime soon? While you're at it, remove leaves and other debris from your gutters to prevent winter clogging and a tougher cleanup job next spring.

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