Claire Schrantz

3 Home Security Tips For Non-Daylight Saving Time

Claire Schrantz
3 Home Security Tips For Non-Daylight Saving Time

We tend to associate fall and winter with coziness, food and family. Unfortunately, criminals associate this time of the year with softer targets for property crime.

Here are some quick tips for keeping your Twin Cities home secure during shorter days. 

  1. Use light to your advantage

    Stanford University recently found that murder and rape decreased by 43% and 56%, respectively, during that extra hour of sun you get during Daylight Saving Time. "...better lighting increases the likelihood of being seen by witnesses or police, which in turn discourages criminal activity," explains the University of Virginia's Katie Welter. So, when the sun isn't on your side, use your home's interior and exterior lights to rob criminals of their cover of darkness.
  2. Never make it obvious you're not home

    During fall and winter especially, your landscaping leaves tell-tale signs when you're away.  So, if you're off on vacation, enlist a loved one to come take care of your property. Make sure they rake the leaves or shovel the snow as well as collect mail, newspaper and flyers. 

    A TV Light Simulator gives outsiders the impression that you're home, awake and watching television - plus, this model uses light sensors to turn the device off at sunrise and on at sunset. 
  3. Don't put your Christmas tree near a window

    If you celebrate this popular winter holiday, it's a good idea to not advertise to criminals that you have a pile of expensive presents in your sitting room. A Christmas tree in your home's  front window is a dead giveaway that there is a bounty of collectibles and electronics inside. Instead, put your tree somewhere it's not visible from the outside, or keep its lights off after sunset. 

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