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Attic staircase ideas. When you need a lot of storage space and count on the room in your attic, one option worth considering is dividing your loft into two rooms. The main room is most likely the extra bedroom or study as planned while the second room would become a practical and accessible storage space. And also gaining an extra room by converting the attic, you should gain a storage area for you to access via a door as opposed to via a ladder and hatch.

There are many different options when it comes to creating a staircase up into a loft conversion and some styles offers you more storage space. A boxed in staircase can add a cupboard into the space beneath stairs which is accessible the door. The triangular space under a straight staircase can similarly be used for storage reliable area is not boxed in because a cabinet, shelving, shoe rack or other unit can be comfortably accommodated. Unfortunately, this is not an option for those with limited space who may need to opt for a narrow staircase for example a spiral staircase.

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In many houses, it is possible to create a fairly roomy landing space around the the top of the stairs. A popular design should be to have a long corridor along with a gallery overlooking the floor below and if there is space along this corridor, it can be a good place to house a dresser or bookcase. Attic staircase ideas, Attic stairs ideas, attic ladder ideas, attic conversion staircase ideas, attic conversion stairs ideas.

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